Inspection and Testing

Fixed Wiring Electrical Inspection
The importance of regular Inspection & Testing of a fixed electrical wiring system cannot be stressed enough, whether it is the electrical wiring in your office, factory, warehouse or the electrical installation at your home.
Over time electrical installations suffer from general wear & tear that can cause unseen faults within the system to go undiscovered which can lead on to further more serious problems later on.
It is recommended that electrical wiring systems be checked at intervals between 5 and 10 years to ensure that system is fit for continued use.
However over a number of years the electrical wiring system is often altered and added to which can lead to further demands on the fixed wiring system that were not part of the original design. These additions to the system coupled with the wear & tear and age of the original cabling can cause premature ageing of the installed system. Faults that can occur within the electrical wiring system can be many & varied including:
  • Poor or Loose connections
  • Degradation of the electrical cable insulation
  • Arcing between connections
  • Overloaded parts of the cable network
  • Missing or broken covers
We carry out full electrical inspection & testing services on fixed wiring systems for both commercial and domestic customers. for further details Contact:
Mark Hemsworth on – 07813 – 939662